Emergency Rooms closed, so fill in the void

Pictured is the emergency department at Strait-Richmond Hospital in Evanston which had 828 temporary closure hours in 2017-18.

Emergency Room closures in Cape Breton, Richmond County and other Nova Scotia hospitals need to be addressed as a crisis throughout the health care system.

As the days, weeks, months, and years go by, the residents of Nova Scotia suffer the most when medical issues arise and we, the people, hit a brick wall with no doctor to cover Emergency Departments.

There is no need for the Nova Scotia health care system to become dismantled as we the people see it is today. ER closures are becoming more and more common, and adding closing days, inch by inch, while the Nova Scotia population, from young to old, suffers going the extra miles to reach an open ER supported with a doctor on hand.

Too many ER closures are making me sick, while looking at signs fastened to a steel post on a hospital property stating “ER CLOSED.”

The Minister of Health needs to put more effort in health care spending and bring in more doctors to our Nova Scotia hospitals starting today.

At age 74, I’m ashamed to say, like so many Nova Scotians, “I have no family doctor,” along with ER closures as I sit here writing these words.

The Minister of Health needs to fill the void (lack of doctors) and re-open all Nova Scotia hospital ERs each and every day, 365 days per year.

May our health care system stay in balance until all ERs re-open their doors.

Clarence Landry