Exciting news about Melford Terminal project

Today, the CBC carried a report from Richie Mann that very shortly, as soon as the ground is frozen, the local pulp mill is going to clear cut the site of the Melford Terminal project.

That is exciting news for the Strait of Canso community, very exciting. The Strait is the finest, deepest, ice-free harbour on the eastern seacoast of North America.

Here are some facts: the Ivany Commission (a very well developed design for the future development of rural Nova Scotia) emphasized building a new economy for our province. Now is the time for new, innovative thinking by political leaders at all levels. If we build it, they will come.

The Metro area can no longer support the container business, unless they dredge, lift bridges, etc. Also, the prime real-estate now occupied by the Pier could be better utilized.

The new highway system will make the communities of Metro only hours away.

The new highway interchange at Afton, near Antigonish, is an ideal starting point for a new highway, railroad link to the terminal site.

Our Canadian currency gives us a 30 per cent advantage over USA ports. Trump has poisoned the international business community and they would probably rather give their business to Atlantic Canada.

Let us all support this project, at a cost of $300,000,000, to create thousands of jobs and finally spread the wealth to all the people of rural Nova Scotia.

We deserve a break. There will never be a better opportunity.

Jim Marchand