Eva Moores chatted about flood mapping with Inverness Council.

CHETICAMP: Eva Moores, the manager of the Department of Municipal Affairs and Housing’s Municipal Flood Line Mapping (MFLM) project, visited Inverness Municipal Council on September 5, to give municipal leaders the low-down on her project and how Inverness County may be involved.

“We’re looking at putting together technical support for municipalities with the hope of allowing municipalities to map flood patterns. Flood maps are vital for planning, especially when we’re getting into an uncertain future due to changes in the climate,” she said.

The purpose of this project is to remove barriers for municipalities in the creation of up-to-date flood mapping through the development of provincial specifications and guidance. Specifications will summarize what should be in a flood study and outline minimum technical requirements. Guidance will provide a more generalized description of flood studies with the aim of building capacity and confidence in people not trained in hydro technical flood mapping.

The specifications and guidance material will be ready in draft form this fall. The province will be acting as the lead manager, but municipal involvement is essential.

Councillor Laurie Cranton mentioned that he’d be happy to talk to Moores about the Margaree Salmon Association and the issues facing that group. He also mentioned he’d be happy to put her in contact with the group themselves.

Councillor Jim Mustard mentioned other groups like Eastern District Planning Commission and the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal would have insights to help the project.