Fraser appointed Parliamentary Secretary to environment minister

OTTAWA: Central Nova MP Sean Fraser has been appointed as the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Environment and Climate Change.

The announcement was made through a release by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on August 31.

The parliamentary secretaries included in the announcement are either newly appointed, taking on new responsibilities, or staying in their current portfolio.

Fraser was honoured by the Prime Minister’s expression of confidence in his abilities and looks forward to taking on these additional responsibilities.

“I hope to play a part to ensure that Canada does right by itself, and the world,” MP Fraser said. “I have a keen interest in this portfolio, and I am looking forward to working with Minister McKenna and her team in tackling the challenges that this opportunity presents.”

Catherine McKenna, Minister of Environment and Climate Change said she’s thrilled MP Fraser will be working alongside her in this role.

“In less than three years in office, he has demonstrated a deep understanding of complex issues and has established a reputation as a hard-working and intelligent Member of Parliament who advocates effectively for the needs of his constituents,” she said. “His personal interest and regard for the environment makes him a perfect fit for this important portfolio. With his background and experience, Sean will bring a unique and well-informed Atlantic Canadian perspective to this role.”

Parliamentary secretaries are members of the government party who are appointed by the Prime Minister to assist cabinet ministers with their parliamentary duties.

Under the direction of their ministers, parliamentary secretaries handle legislative matters in the House of Commons, engage in committee work, and assume some extra-parliamentary responsibilities.

Parliamentary secretaries play a vital, if often unrecognized, role in assisting cabinet ministers and providing a link between ministers and parliamentarians.

Fraser served on the Standing Committee for Transport, Infrastructure and Communities, as well as the Standing Committee on the Status of Women, over the past two House of Commons sittings.

Now, he will transition from these committees to perform his duties as the parliamentary secretary.

“I look forward to embracing this new role as we approach the next sitting of the House and remain committed to continuing to serve as an effective local representative for the people of Central Nova.”

With changes to the parliamentary secretaries taking place, Cape Breton-Canso MP Roger Cuzner remained Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Employment, Workforce Development and Labour.

The House of Commons sitting resumes on September 17.