A provincial newspaper has an article on the study carried out by some consultant regarding container terminals for this province.

As usual, the report reflects the pattern which has not changed in my lifetime. Everything is to be in Halifax, no matter what it is.

Basil Mattie wrote a Letter to the Editor recently which hit the nail on the head. The real estate on which the Halifax Container Terminal is located should not be used for that purpose. It is a horrendous location. There should be hotels and condos there, on the waterfront, as well as tourist-related facilities.


This is the one chance for the province, and our MLAs, to stand up for rural Nova Scotia. Richie Mann of Melford International Terminals has a world class facility already well on the way, yet here we are in the same boat.

We will not get another chance to give the Strait of Canso an opportunity such as this. If this provincial government does not support the new green site container pier in Melford, they are doing a disservice to the rural folks and even to the people of HRM.

There should be no argument at all on this. The legislature and our federal MPs should get behind this and do it now. Every citizen of the Strait area needs to get their voice out there. The municipal councils of the Strait area need to get proactive.

Wouldn’t be nice if we could bring back home the dozens of our kids (engineers, teachers, doctors, lawyers, business execs, and high tech professionals) who are all over the world because there is nothing here for them?

Jim Marchand