Group for home-based businesses formed

We are pleased to announce the formation of Homegrown Works, Nova Scotia’s home-based business association.

We have a four-part mission: to advocate for home-based businesses in Nova Scotia; to share knowledge of regulation that pertains to home-based businesses and to assist anyone that operates or wishes to establish a home-based business in Nova Scotia; to create an on-line network of goods and service providers in Nova Scotia and to promote Nova Scotia’s home-based businesses to the wider community; and to promote Nova Scotia as an ideal location to establish a home-based business.

Our work will benefit home-based businesses throughout Nova Scotia. Our first goal is increasing membership. Membership is open to anyone in Nova Scotia who operates a home-based business. To join our association please visit: or contact us at:

Our board members are Anna Shoub, president; Clayton Banfield, vice-president; Anne-Christine Gasc, secretary and treasurer; Michelle Tessier-Marchand, officer; and Karen Runge, officer.

Anna Shoub