GUYSBOROUGH: Officials within the Municipality of the District of Guysborough say they can’t award the tender for their new compost facility.

Municipal staff issued the tender on August 23, the same day they received more than $1.3 million from federal and provincial counterparts for two organic material processing facilities.

Following their regular municipal council meeting on October 16, Guysborough Warden Vernon Pitts said due to the time of year, they received only one bid from Higgins Construction Ltd., a subsidy of Lindsay Construction and council decided they couldn’t proceed.

“We only had one company tender on that package, and the tender came in much higher than what it was anticipated,” he said. “It was quite an amount over our original estimate. It’s the money that we had allocated for that project and it just wasn’t feasible for council to allocate it.”

Councillors heard a report from Deputy CAO Gary Cleary that the tender they did receive was for $1,798,529.00, but was missing certain components that would have put the project 30 per cent over budget.

“For some reason, Higgins didn’t include the concrete slab for the building in their tender,” Cleary said. “Our consultants estimate the concrete slab component to be worth $170,000.”

One of the major concerns was with the duration of the project as it was much too long for what council was expecting and they would like the project done within a year.

“We’ve requested the province and the federal government to extend the cut-off date for the use of that money,” Pitts said. “And following receiving confirmation – we’ll basically be trying to do the project on our own.”

The municipality will tender certain aspects of the project, with the hope of construction beginning in the spring of 2020.