MULGRAVE: Ralph Hadley is challenging Lorne MacDonald for the position of Mayor for the Town of Mulgrave.

Hadley has served on Mulgrave Town Council for several terms, a total of 14 years. As a citizen of Mulgrave, Hadley has spent a lot of time talking to the people and feels he is aware of their issues. He believes that many of the voters have the same concerns as he does on the needs of the town and that he has the experience to be an effective mayor for Mulgrave.

As most are aware with the upcoming dissolving of the town status, the Town of Mulgrave will become part of the Municipality of the District of Guysborough. It is expected that whoever is elected mayor in the election will be the representative on the Guysborough Municipal Council.  Hadley would like to be that representative. Having been on the dissolution committee for the past year, he knows what is involved; continuing the relationship that has started and working together with  Guysborough council to benefit Mulgrave.

“Right now, we have an opportunity, a chance to substantially improve Mulgrave,” Hadley said. “I ask for the residents’ support in the upcoming election on October 15. Should they trust me with the responsibility of strengthening our community, I pledge to work hard to address our needs. It is my sincere hope that the people will come out to vote and consider me for their mayor and representative with Guysborough Council.”