Help secure public access to Chimney Corner Beach

The spectacular and beloved Chimney Corner Beach is about to be sold to private interests.

This beach is unique, not only as the most beautiful in Western Cape Breton, but also as the only privately-owned beach and underwater cove in the Province of Nova Scotia.

The Evans family, which is currently selling the property, has been generous in allowing public access to this beach to date but this allowance may not be guaranteed with future private owners. The possibility that the public could be restricted from using this is simply wrong and should not be permitted.

The 121 hectares for sale at Chimney Corner have been divided into a number of smaller parcels for easier sale by Engel & Volkers, a giant real estate company with main office in Germany, and 800 locations around the globe.

The Margaree Environmental Association (MEA) is actively urging the provincial government to purchase this parcel of land and add it to the Chimney Corner Protected Area, adjacent to the site. MEA, supported by local residents, has contracted legal research on the lands at Chimney Corner Beach, and have discovered that the original grant of 1869 is specific in allowing public use of the beach, despite its private ownership. Also, parallel to the beach is a road right-of-way owned by the federal government and managed by the province, which effectively ensures public access. To date the province has resisted acquisition of this property because of its high asking price.

If you care about preserving public access to Chimney Corner Beach, and value public ownership of Nova Scotia beaches, please let the Government of Nova Scotia know by writing the elected officials listed below:

Gordon Wilson

The Minister of Environment


Twitter: @gordonwilsonLNS

Phone: 902-424-3600

Premier Stephen MacNeil


Twitter: @stephenmcNeil

Office: 902-424-6600

Mike Kelloway MP


Twitter: @mikekelloway

Phone: 1-866-282-0699

Allan MacMaster MLA


Twitter: @allanmacmaster

Phone: 902-258-2216

This call to action is urgent!

Neal Livingston Co-Chair

Brian Peters, Co-Chair

Maria Coady, secretary

Margaree Environmental Association