Tourism is a thriving industry in Nova Scotia.

We attract millions of travelers annually, who spend money to eat our east-coast cuisine and to stay at our local hotels. But, every year, thousands of jobs in the accommodations industry go unfilled, costing the industry and economy thousands of dollars in lost opportunities. In our province, there is currently an unemployment rate of seven per cent (as of November 2018), so we have unemployed Nova Scotians and unfilled jobs. These are the people who make tourism in Nova Scotia possible, and meaningful employment is available at hotels today.

Across Canada, two of every three accommodation businesses cite labour shortages as a significant business impediment, and at least 75 per cent of Canadians believe working in tourism provides valuable work experience. Hotels offer meaningful opportunities to develop customer service skills, communication skills, people skills, and the ability to manage difficult situations, among many other benefits. In fact, many industry executives started in front-line positions and worked their way into leadership roles.

The outlook for accommodation services is strong. Growing consumer demand would support 33 per cent growth in available jobs. Hoteliers in Nova Scotia are committed to their strong recruitment efforts to attract and retain their most valuable resource: employees.

As part of our ongoing recruitment efforts, a new program called “Destination Employment,” a partnership between the Hotel Association of Canada, Tourism HR Canada, the Nova Scotia Tourism Human Resource Council and the Tourism Industry Association of Nova Scotia, will connect newcomers to Canada to available jobs in the Nova Scotia accommodation industry. These new employees will bring their experience, hard work and diversity to our local communities.

Destination Employment, funded by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, is designed to ensure participants have all the necessary skills to work and excel in the accommodations industry, including language skills, workplace safety concepts and any other employment-related necessities. For employers, we encourage them to offer these professional development opportunities to all their staff, new or current. We will leverage our program’s infrastructure to help employers support all their current staff to build a more robust workforce across the industry. It will also benefit our local communities with increased economic activity and opportunities for all Nova Scotians.

Through the hard work and endorsement by our regional partners, hoteliers and community, alongside the continued interest from newcomers who now call our province home, Destination Employment is seeing encouraging results. With your support, Destination Employment will provide meaningful jobs to those who need them.

If you are interested in getting involved, participants and employers are encouraged to contact Jill Hyndman of the Nova Scotia Tourism Human Resource Council – 902.496.7476 or

More information can also be found at:

We look forward to building a stronger, more prosperous and more diverse Nova Scotia for all!

Lisa Dahr

Industry Relations and

Professional Development

Nova Scotia Tourism Human Resource Council

and Tourism Industry Association of Nova Scotia

Alana Baker

Director of Government Relations

Hotel Association of Canada

Philip Mondor

President Tourism HR Canada