Ephrem Boudreau wrote Riviere Bourgeois from which this history is taken and translated:

The Silver Jubilee of Rev. Father Pierre Robitaille

At the Solemn High Mass the jubilee was assisted by Fathers Leo Keats, priest at St. Peter’s and Alfred-Abraham Boudreau of L’Ardoise as Deacon and Subdeacon. Father Wilfred Boucher, priest at D’Escousse, was the master of ceremonies. Lawyer D.D. Boyd directed the choir which performed the mass in the second tone.

It was Fr. Théophile-Paul Maillet of West Arichat who delivered the sermon on the themes of priest as man of God and priest as man of the people.

At the table of honour at the banquet were Fathers Boudreau and Maillet, John P. Bourque municipal councillor, Alec Samson, postmaster, Eugène Digout, captains Anselme Samson and Frédéric Bourque, Léonard Fougere and Thomas Poirier of D’Escousse.

On this occasion, Mr. Fabien Landry was chief cook, Mrs. Annie Boyd and Mrs. Daniel Samson were respectively president and vice president of the organizing committee for this celebration. On the same day, the inauguration of Branch 707 of the Society of French Canadian Craftsmen, under the direction of Mr. A.-F. Haché, took place. The next day was the children’s feast numbering 200 who were served a succulent meal.

Five years later, September 18, 1932, the Society of French Canadian Craftsmen paid tribute to Fr. Robitaille, ‘priest, chaplain on the occasion of his 30thanniversary in the priesthood – 1902-1932, and the fifth anniversary of the River Bourgeois Society Number 707 – 1927-1932.’

Catholic Action of Quebec, dated April 30, 1949, announced the death of Fr. Robitaille, which occurred the day before, Friday April 29, at the age of 74 years 10 months.

He was waked for three days in the church at River Bourgeois where he had spent 40 years and he was transported by train to L’Ancienne-Lorette, his native parish. The remains rested with his sister, Mrs. Napoleon Drolet, St. Charles Street, until the interment. His brother, Dr. Théphile Robitaille, of Quebec, who had assisted in his last days, supplied details of his death in somewhat the following words: ‘He fell ill Thursday (April 28) after supper. The priest was called (the curate of Saint-Pierre) and the doctor. He made confession and received the last rites and died peacefully. He died at 2 o’clock Friday morning (April 29).’

The funeral took place on Thursday May 5 at the church of L’Ancienne-Lorette at 10 o’clock in the morning. His brother, Fr. Édouard Robitaille (formerly pastor at West Arichat), pastor at Thérien, Alberta sang the service, assisted by Fathers Georges Giguère pastor of La Durantaye and Léger Robitaille, nephew of the deceased, pastor of Lac-Sergent. Attending the funeral besides the large crowd, his sisters and brothers: Fr. Édouard Robitaille, Dr. Théphile Robitaille, Mr. Thédore Robitaille, sister Gilberte, f.m.de m., Mrs. Napoleon Drolet. He was buried in the family plot near the parish church.

Fr. Robitaille was remembered as a holy priest, entirely devoted to the service of his parishioners. He sought, during his stay among them, to assure their material well being and at the same time their spiritual happiness.