PORT HOOD: Inverness Municipal Council passed a resolution on February 7 that will, should all go well help remedy wastewater issues in the communities of Whycocomagh and Inverness.

The county is applying to the Investment Canada Infrastructure Program for the replacement of wastewater treatment plants in the two communities.

“Replacing both the Whycocomagh and Inverness wastewater treatment plants will ensure that the Municipality of the County of Inverness will increase its capacity to treat and manage wastewater, while enabling compliance with the limits and criteria set by both Nova Scotia Environment and the Federal Wastewater Systems Effluent Regulations and ensure continued capacity for population and commercial growth,” the resolution read.

If approval only comes in part, council prioritizes the replacement of the Whycocomagh plant (total project cost with net HST: $5,912,516) and then the replacement of the Inverness plant (total project cost with net HST: $6,835,915).

Speaking to The Reporter after the meeting, Warden Betty Ann MacQuarrie fleshed out how the prioritizing was done.

“We had an assessment done on all the infrastructure systems in the county, and three were brought forward that were most in need of upgrades,” she said. “We narrowed it down to two. The third one was Judique.

“Whycocomagh is priority number one, and Inverness is priority number two. Judique has to be done right now. We can’t wait for an application process. That work is being done as we speak.”

She noted that Judique was on the priority list the last time such applications were made, and there was funding received through the infrastructure program for the reservoir.

“But there’s been a breakdown of the system and a lot of components have to be replaced so that the boil order can come off,” the warden said. “And hopefully it will stay off forever!”