CHETICAMP: Inverness Municipal Council greenlit the capital purchase of a used solid waste rear packer truck at last Thursday’s monthly meeting of council. The estimated cost of the machine is $225,000.

The county also loosened its purse strings for the Margaree Salmon Association, which received funding for two projects. The first is a berm remediation project costing the municipality $20,000 and the second is a barrier free accessible wharf project costing the municipality $9,000.

Council also approved funding of the LeMoine Volunteer Fire Department to the tune of $6,000 for improvements to the LeMoine Rescue Centre.

The Lake Ainslie Historical Society is getting $6,421 worth of municipal funding, and the Princeville United Church was approve for funding of $2,700.

The funding allotments were recommended from last month’s committee-of-the-whole meeting, where financial matters and other issues are often discussed to greater depth by council members. Council dealt with a few other committee-of-the-whole recommendations as well last Thursday.

One was for Inverness to enter into a memorandum of understanding with other municipalities regarding information technology. CAO Keith MacDonald said entering the agreement is a way of bolstering I.T. needs, especially those relating to cyber security.

Council also modified the name of an unnamed road on Port Hood Island. The road will now be known as Tobey Lane.