Inverness County adding e-voting for municipal election

INVERNESS: Another local municipality is moving towards electronic voting for the upcoming municipal election in October.

Inverness Municipal Councillors passed the first reading of their Internet and phone voting by-law during their monthly council meeting on July 9.

Warden Betty Ann MacQuarrie indicated there are concerns around how ongoing telecommunication issues in the area will potentially affect voting.

“It probably won’t be possible for some, unless they move to another area to do their voting,” she said. “There will be some difficulties along the way.”

MacQuarrie explained there will be advance polling days, and the municipality will continue to use paper ballots – as they can’t have a resident unable to vote because of poor Internet services.

“It is difficult for Inverness County to be able to hope that the Internet will be working properly for everybody on that day.”

Ultimately, she added the municipality’s goal is to get the best voter turnout possible.