Inverness County musician Aaron MacDonald is competing in the CBC Music Canada Toyota Searchlight contest. Those interested in voting for him, can go to:

INVERNESS: A local musician is competing in the CBC Music Canada Toyota Searchlight Contest.

Aaron MacDonald recently made the final 100 in the competition for his single “Gonna Get There,” and is hoping to crack the top 10.

“I’m just trying to put some new music out there for people to absorb and I thought this was a great way to do this,” MacDonald told The Reporter. “I saw this contest, and there’s no better way to try to put it out there. I just took part and lo’ and behold, we cracked the top 100. I was kind of shocked, but it was great.”

After releasing the first single at the end of January, MacDonald released a follow-up single “My Soul and Me in April,” and he released a third called “United We Can Carry On,” on Monday.

“I think it’s pretty timely with what’s going with the pandemic, and a lot of the movements that are happening in the world, in our area, and in Canada,” he said of the third single. “It’s one of those songs, I think people are going to relate to and maybe find a connection with. I’m really happy with how it sounds, and just really excited for people to hear this next song.”

Although he has released three songs, MacDonald said he doesn’t know how they will be packaged, nor whether there will be an album because he also plays with bands, in addition to this solo work. MacDonald has been pushing to finish recording songs with a full band production, then he plans to start work on his acoustic songs.

Before the lockdown hit, MacDonald said he was able to play some live shows in March and April, before his gigs in May and June were postponed.

“Now we’re just in the process of rescheduling those, kind of seeing what things will open. Most of my summer will probably be around the province,” he said. “For now, I’m just as content filling up my schedule around home. I like to travel around Nova Scotia in the summer, there’s no better place to be. But then in the fall, I’d love to try to put together a little Maritime tour with this new music I’m doing.”

Although he has been performing, singing and writing for more than two decades, MacDonald said this contest is a great way to introduce his music.

“For independent musicians, this is a huge, huge deal. The grand prize winner receives a Juno master class in music development, as far as PR and production,” he said. “I’ve been on the underground, independent scene that entire time and I’m okay with that.”

Since he started put together this new music, MacDonald said his goal has been to get more ears connected to his music.

“It just want people to hear this music I’m doing, nothing more or less than that, and this seemed like a great way to do it,” he noted. “Maybe after 30 years, I’m getting my kick at the can. I don’t know but I’ll take it any way I can get it.”

Those who want to vote for MacDonald, are asked to go to: