PORT HOOD: The Inverness County Water Utility will soon be conducting a water meter upgrade program to retrofit and/or install new water meters to customers on the Inverness County Water Utility.

The project will be completed in the fall and will improve accuracy of billing, facilitate leak detection, as well as make metre reading quicker and more efficient. Neptune Technology Group has been contracted by the Inverness County Water Utility to upgrade existing water meters and complete new installation of water meters where required.

Customers of the Inverness County Water Utility have been receiving a notification in their mail containing information on how to book their appointment.

This is a mandatory program in accordance with Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board’s regulations for the Inverness County Water Utility. The upgrade procedure requires approximately 30-90 minutes to complete, during which time the water will be shut-off for a brief period. There is no charge for the meter or the installation.

Customers of the Chéticamp Water Utility will be sent bilingual information, and a bilingual installer has been contracted to complete the water metre upgrades in the area.

For any questions, residents are invited to call Neptune’s toll-free number at 1-800-667-4387. Residents of Port Hood and Inverness are now able to book appointments by calling the toll-free number above. Appointments will open for other communities soon.