PORT HOOD: The spirit of Christmas giving extended into the New Year for Inverness County Council as the municipal unit green-lit three funding requests and wrote off inactive tax accounts late last week.

The biggest ticket item was an allocation of $37,677.51 in funding for expenditures for the Inverness Water Project. The money comes from the gas tax fund.

With that, the municipality decided to follow a recommendation from the committee-of-the-whole that suggests $35,904.61 be written off from inactive tax accounts.

Two other funding requests came council’s way, one from Co-operative Radio Cheticamp and the other from the Inverness Women’s Group which presented a Jingle Bell Ball.

Council decided to give $4,000 from the District 1 Community Development Fund to Radio Cheticamp, and $1,000 from the Division 3 Discretionary Fund to the Jingle Bell Ball.