Inverness MLA Allan MacMaster waves from a passing vehicle during a community parade in his constituency last summer.

INVERNESS COUNTY: The MLA for Inverness is satisfied with the amount of road work that is taking place this summer in his constituency, but he would like to see more done for local roads in the future.

“I think any time people see road work in rural areas, they’re happy,” Allan MacMaster said. “We’re seeing some gravel roads being reconstructed, and we’re seeing some streets being repaved, and we’re seeing some highway paving as well later this year.”

Recently, Allan MacMaster issued a press release announcing that part of the Crandall Road will be reconstructed this summer, including three-kilometres of brush-cutting, as well as ditching and gravelled beginning at the intersection with Long Stretch Road, 1.2 kilometres south of Hatcher Road.

The press release noted that the road travels from Grant’s Pond in Port Hawkesbury, past the Long Stretch Road, to an area near Queensville. People in the communities of Mackdale, Sugarcamp and Askilton use this road to access the Town of Port Hawkesbury.

MacMaster also announced that street paving is taking place on Highland Street in Mabou, Johnson Lane in Whycocomagh, Keltic Drive in Judique, and the Cemetery Road and the Newtown Road in Port Hastings.

“We see a lot of talk about twinning highways in the province and how important that is but we can’t forget about our local roads as well,” the Progressive Conservative MLA noted. “People are travelling them every day and they’re important to those people that are using them.”

In addition to attention paid to local and gravel roads, MacMaster is happy that a round-about will be constructed at Whycocomagh on Highway 105 and that Route 19 is seeing new pavement, between Mabou and Inverness.

MacMaster said over the last number of years, the province has tried to save money “by not putting money into local roads,” and he thinks the province should invest more money in them.

“They’ve certainly done little to expand the amount of money put into our local roads. I think the public wants to see government invest more money in roads,” he stated. “There’s millions and millions of dollars going into highway twinning but there’s scraps going into our local roads and people see it on a daily basis. And if the government invested a little more into maintaining these roads, I think it would lead to greater public satisfaction. It’s basic infrastructure that people want and need.”

Given the COVID-19 pandemic has forced the acceleration of timelines for shovel-ready projects, MacMaster added that now is the time for more road work.