Pictured is the executive of Isle Madame legion branch 150 (bottom, from the left): chaplain Gerry Samson, president Donald Goyetche, past president Paul Samson, and first vice-president Eddie Rideout. (Back, from the left): Sergeant-at-arms Benjamin Mury, members-at-large Frank Rideout and Thomas Landry, and secretary-treasurer Joan Clannon.
Contributed photos
Branch 150 presented its long serving secretary-treasurer, Joan Clannon, with its most prestigious honour, the Legionnaire of the Year Award by Frank Rideout, chair of the honours and awards committee. Besides serving as secretary-treasurer, Clannon serves on the Poppy Trust Fund committee, the Veterans’ Comfort Fund committee, chair of the entertainment committee, coordinates the branch 150 weekly bingo, and works at the monthly legion meals, the fish and chips dinner and the community breakfast.
Zone 3 Commander John Langley (left) installs Benjamin Mury as branch 150 Sergeant-At-Arms after being escorted by branch 43 Sergeant-At-Arms Annie Marie Langley.
Donald Goyetche will serve yet another term as legion branch 150 president, after being sworn-in during a ceremony on January 3 in Arichat.
Zone 3 Commander John Langley shakes hands with Gerry Samson after installing him as legion branch 150 chaplain as branch 43 Sergeant-At-Arms Anne Marie Langley looks on.