James Landry released from prison

MONCTON, NEW BRUNSWICK: One of the men found guilty of manslaughter in connection with the death of Phillip Boudreau in 2012 has been granted full parole.

On Tuesday, the Parole Board of Canada (PBC) granted James Landry his release from prison with special conditions to have no direct or indirect contact with any members of Boudreau’s family.

In its decision, the PBC noted that Landry had no prior criminal history before his part in Boudreau’s death and this was his first criminal conviction.

“… [Correctional Service of Canada] has determined poor emotions management and inadequate coping skills played role in your offence,” the decision reads. “Your apparent lack of remorse after the commission of the offence was also initially identified as part of your offence cycle.”

While noting that the likelihood of reoffending is low for Landry, he was assessed by Family Services as requiring treatment for coping skills, empathy and interpersonal skills.

However, the decision notes that Landry plans to return to Little Anise to reside with his family and while “victim-proximity concerns exist,” Landry told the board he intends to take the necessary steps to avoid contact with Boudreau’s family.

On June 12, the PBC granted Landry day parole for six month, with regular leave privileges.

“According to the most recent Assessment for Decision on file, while on day parole, you have been able to spend time with family in your home community where you keep busy around your house and yard,” the decision states. “You reportedly assisted your close family member with mackerel fishing for a short time.”

On January 29, 2015 Landry received 14 years of federal prison time after being found guilty of manslaughter.

The statement of facts surrounding Boudreau’s death showed that Landry fired four shots at Boudreau’s boat, with Boudreau claiming to be hit.

The statement of facts then has the Twin Maggie’s crew hauling Boudreau’s boat out to sea, before Boudreau cut the bow line. The Twin Maggies then rammed Boudreau’s boat three times, and Landry gaffed Boudreau before the Twin Maggies began hauling him out to sea. Boudreau freed himself twice before being gaffed a third time and dragged further. At some point, Landry released the gaff, with Boudreau rolling over face down in the water. Boudreau’s body was never recovered.