Justin Trudeau treating the Maritimes unfairly

For the past year, Parliament has been debating Bill C-49, the Transportation Modernization Act, which excludes captive rail shippers in the Maritimes from accessing long-haul interswitching.

During the debate, a common sense amendment was proposed which would give captive rail shippers in the Maritimes access to a new remedy called long-haul interswitching.

The Trudeau Liberals have twice rejected this amendment.

The Liberals have even said that long-haul interswitching is an important remedy for shippers in other parts of Canada when shippers are not able to obtain a reasonable price from the railway servicing their area.

By rejecting this amendment, the Liberals are implying that long-haul interswitching is not important to Maritime rail shippers. Why?

Andrew Scheer’s Conservatives know that an efficient and well-functioning rail transportation system is critically important to the Canadian economy and to the Maritimes. Many industries rely on rail transportation to get their products to market.

That is why Conservatives will continue to fight for Canadian shippers and farmers so that they have access to a logistics system that gets their products to market in a predictable and timely way.

Kelly Block, MP 

Conservative Shadow Minister for Transport 

Luc Berthold, MP 

Conservative Shadow Minister for Agriculture 

John Barlow, MP 

Conservative Associate Shadow Minister for Agriculture