Lighthouses of Richmond County

Ouetique Island was established in 1874 and consisted of a square wooden tower 28 feet high with an attached dwelling. The nearest town or city is River Bourgeois. Located in Lennox Passage between Isle Madame and Cape Breton Island, it is managed by the Canadian Coast Guard and is now a triangular skeleton tower 28 feet with a red and white rectangular day mark. It flashes red every four seconds and is visible for five nautical miles. It is an active aid to navigation, and the grounds are open to the public.

River Bourgeois Light (also known as River Bourgeois Inlet Light) is located at the east entrance to Bourgeois Inlet, River Bourgeois. The structure, first lit and built in 1903, consisted of a 27-foot tapered square wood tower with red and white day marking. The first keeper was M. Burke, appointed December 1, 1902. The light, seventh order dioptric and fixed white in 1922, was 25 feet and had a range of 10 miles. Pre-1973 the light was automated. In 1991-92, it was replaced by steel skeleton tower and destaffed a year later. In 2005 it was acquired by the River Bourgeois Community Services Society under the Coast Guard divestiture program and restored to its original appearance. The grounds are open to the public. It is lit at night seasonally as a private aid to navigation.

St. Peter’s is located at the north entrance to St. Peter’s Inlet. It was first built and lit in 1875. The tower is 20 feet, the light 50 feet with a range of 10 miles. It became a fixed white light in 1941. The lighthouse consists of a white square wood tower with a dwelling attached. The present tower replaced the original in 1950.

Crichton Head is located at the western tip of Crichton Island just off West Arichat. It was established in 1874 and kept by H.H. Crichton, who was appointed May 6, 1874. No structures remain, only a light.

Cap La Ronde is located on the northeastern shore of Isle Madame at the entrance to St. Peter’s Bay. J.J. Mauger was appointed lighthouse keeper in 1898. Today only a light standard stands as a reminder to the buildings and families that once inhabited the location. In addition, the spit of land on which it stands is quickly eroding.

Gregory Island is located at St. Peter’s Inlet. The 33 foot structure was a square, white, wooden tower first built and lit in 1884. The light was 30 feet with a range of seven miles and became fixed red in 1941. In 1898, some alterations were made, and from 1922 to 1941, the lens was seventh order dioptric. The light was automated by 1973 and the original tower replaced by a fiberglass structure circa 1980 and is still operational. It is still an active aid to navigation. The grounds are open to the public but are accessible only by boat. The managing organization is the Canadian Coast Guard.