DF-18976 - Hugh Jackman stars as Logan/Wolverine in LOGAN. Photo Credit: Ben Rothstein.

Would you look at that. Logan is up for an Oscar. That’s impressive, when you think about where the character started in terms of commercial relevance.

The nomination is big too, not one of the technical Oscars for sound or effects. It’s for adapted screenplay, because it was based in part on the Old Man Logan series. As a nerd, that’s pretty nifty.

I saw the MTV Movie Award nominations coming, and even the Teen Choice Awards but an Oscar? I dismissed the rumours of Hugh Jackman receiving an acting nomination as ridiculous flights of fancy. Jackman was on top of his Wolverine game but even that is a hard sell to Academy voters used to scoffing at nerds seeking legitimacy for liking what nerds like.

I thought if anyone involved in the movie was going to get nominated for something, it would have been a best supporting actor for Patrick Stewart. Instead, the writers received some props and that’s good, not only for only the screenwriters, but also the writers of the comics, the creators of the characters, and comic readers.

How can this positive momentum continue, to the point where award winning comic book movies aren’t the exception? Well, I think a lot of the responsibility lays in the hands or, more appropriately, the pockets of both comic book fans and movie fans.

To the comic book fans, we have to keep the faith. I took a look on-line and comic-book store sales fell 10.5 per cent in the first nine months of 2017, compared with the same time in 2016.

I can’t ask anyone to spend more money on comics but I will however ask that you spend smarter. Buying rehashed stories and the big names just because they are the big names only lessens the chances that outliers, like Logan, get produced. Ask your local store to order what you can’t find. Make requests at your local libraries. Basically, don’t settle.

I feel the same way about the DC movies. Notice how popular Wonder Woman was and how quickly the sequel was announced? There was no such announcement made following the underperforming Justice League. If you continue to show up for the sake of showing up, they’ll keep making boring movies.

And in case you are wondering, I think it’s going to take the current iteration of the DC universe at least five years before they do anything Oscar worthy but that’s their own fault. If they did the storyline from The Dark Knight Returns or the Killing Joke storylines prior to setting the current cast, both films would have had the potential for big Oscar categories, if done properly. It will take at least one more failure of a Superman movie and the end of Batfleck for that to happen.

Anyway, kudos to all the writers associated with Logan. Be proud you proved superhero movies don’t have to be nice or pandering to be good. Sometimes they can be mean and dirty and downright depressing but they’ll be great because they had meaning.

I was so moved by the movie that if Marvel does reboot Wolverine, I hope it centers around his daughter. Anything else would do a disservice to Logan, the movie and the character.

I’m done now.