Looking to expand business community in Antigonish

ANTIGONISH: Antigonish Town Council wants to know what people think of the area’s business community and how to make it better.

Steve Scannell, special projects coordinator for the town, said council has been working closely with the Downtown Business Association since January, noting the survey was set up to find ways to help build and maintain a sustainable, vibrant community.

“We wanted to work with the Downtown Business Association and some other organizations in Antigonish to try and collect information relating to how people view the business climate here, trying to get a better idea of what our priorities should be as a municipality, try to find ways to better promote what we do, and…trying to find a way that we can address some of these concerns going forward in a sustainable way.”

The survey became active on June 7 and wrapped up last week. Scannell said he will now collect and interpret all of the data included in the 62 completed surveys and then put together a report for town council. Scannell said the majority of the surveys came back from local business owners.

“I’ll be working with our CAO in trying to come up with what our options might be and what they might look like,” he said.

The town worked with the the County of Antigonish, the Antigonish Chamber of Commerce, the Downtown Business Association, and the Eastern Strait Regional Enterprise Network in getting the survey out to the public.

“It is fairly centered on the town but…we do have a close working relationship with all of those organizations so it’s a collaborative initiative but it’s really more focused on the town itself,” said Scannell.