Johnny Murray is pictured making hay.

Looking back over the decades, and indeed, centuries, it is amazing to observe the numerous family names that once were common in this area. One of those names that no longer holds a place here is Murray.

Hugh Murray of Danbury, Connecticut married Eva Flynn of Arichat in October of 1912 in New York.

They had three children: Mary Mildred born June 3, 1916; Donald Hugh born May 15, 1913, who married on July 4, 1964 to Margaret; and Helen Gertrude born January 16, 1915, and on August 6, 1934 she was wed to Edward Ronald Gralgalen.

There were five children from this latter union: Wendell Ronald born May 1, 1935, and on June 20, 1959 married Mabell McKenet; Jeannie Mary born February 13, 1938, married on May 12, 1958 to Ralph J. Gulbiou; David born March 29, 1939, married on September 23, 1961 to Gail Fixer; Ellen Eva born September 29, 1943, married on June 5, 1964 to Thomas Blackley; and Mary Anne born April 11 1946 and died April 17, 1946.

Mary Mildred Murray was born on June 3, 1916. She married Samuel Leslie Dallas on June 15, 1939.

There were three children: Ronald Leslie born May 31, 1940, he married L.M. Zwack on June 8, 1973; Daniel, born December 1, 1974; Mary Ellen, born March 25, 1948, died September 7, 1977, and her husband was Daniel Lavoie whom she married on August 28, 1971.

Sarah Murray married Edward Reeves at Lower River on December 23, 1850.

Donald Murray, a farmer, was married in Black River to Agnes (surname unknown) and they had a son, Finley on September 22, 1826.

Alexander Murray and Janet (surname unknown) were married around 1828. There was one child, Elizabeth E., born August 17, 1829.

Duncan Murray was married in Grand Anse to Mary MacCall in 1831. Mary was born in 1834 and Sara in 1840.

William Murray was married at Lower River to Margaret (surname unknown). They had a daughter, Catherine Anne born October 17, 1854.

Robert Murray and Effie McKenzie were married at St. John’s Anglican Church in Arichat on August 14, 1882. Effie lived into her seventy-fifth year, she passed on July 31, 1910 and was buried on home property at Cap la Ronde.

John Murray, stone mason, age 35, son of Peter Murray, born in Ireland, married Elizabeth Kehoe, 31, daughter of William Kehoe and Elizabeth Boudreau. John and Elizabeth were married in Boston on November 6, 1882.

John Murray, born 1869, died on March 7, 1953 at age 86. His wife Mary E. (surname unknown) was born in 1886 and died at the age of 38 on January 15, 1911 at Cap la Ronde. Their son, John Ferrar Murray died at the age of 62 on October 16, 1973.

Henry J. Murray was married in Boston, Massachusetts on June 29, 1921 to Agnes J. Mauger.

John F. Murray was born in 1911 and died sixty-two years later on October 7, 1973. He and Thilima L. Dort were joined in matrimony at Arichat. She died in 1971 at the age of 49. Their daughter, Mary Elizabeth, born May 31, 1944, married Dennis Mauger.

Joseph F. Murray, a clerk, the son of Joseph T. Murray and Anne B. Brennan, married Jennie Churchill (Landry) in Boston on October 20, 1903. It was her second marriage. She was the daughter of Simon Landry and Elizabeth Boudreau.

Elizabeth Murray, daughter of William Corde, and wife of John Murray, died on April 28, 1907 in Boston.