Looking back over the decades and, indeed, centuries, it is amazing to observe the numerous family names that once were common in this area. One of those names that no longer holds a place here is Bellefontaine.

Paul Bellfontaine married M. Dugas on August 12, 1771 and they had a son, Eustache. Anselme Bellfontaine and his wife Margaret Theriau had two children, Perpetue born May 14, 1773 and Martha, date of birth unknown.

Andre Bellefontaine was married in Arichat on January 8, 1844 to Sabine Lavache. They had two children, a boy, Alfred, born August 12, 1847, and a girl, Marie Anne, born August 30, 1849. She was married at Arichat on October 18, 1871 to Simon Pierre LeBlanc son of Simon LeBlanc and Angelique Forrest.

Andre Bellefontaine married Marie LeBlanc and

their children were: Marie Virginie born August 4, 1857; Martha Jeanne July 24, 1859; Emillie Eugenie August 24, 1851; Alexandre June 3, 1863; Catherine Caroline June 13, 1865; Sabine Rose August 11, 1867; Daniel July 21, 1871; Clarise Emillie born April 13 or May 12; Albert P. Oct. 23, 1875; Pierre A. died January 15, 1877 at the age of 14 months; Miller A., age 23 wed Mary J. Bailey in Lowell, Massachusetts on December 6, 1896; and Andrew M., age 30 was married at West Newton, Massachusetts on October 9, 1901 to Marie Degagner, age 30, a governess.

Marie married Pierre Gagnon at Arichat on September 20 1874. He was the son of Pierre Gagnon and Charlotte LeBlanc.

Sabine Rose married Aime A. LeBlanc (died age 97 March 13, 1965) son of Andre LeBlanc and Marie Claire Beauface at Arichat on October 22, 1889. She died at age 54, 1919. There were eight children: Andre Edgar born October 9, 1890; Alexander Eugene September 30, 1893; Marie Rose Yvonne March 3, 1895; Corinne Emillie April 27, 1898; Marie Ledonie August 19, 1900; Leon Albert October 27, 1902; Marie Estelle Lorraine October 3, 1904; and Lorraine Clarisse November 20, 1908.

Michael Bellefontaine married Henriette Forest.

Their daughter, Henriette, married at Arichat on January 26, 1846 to Charles Forrest, son of Ignace Forrest and Marguerite Marchand.

Another daughter, Marie, was wed to Victor Lavache, son of Francois Lavache and Margaret LeBlanc.

Virginie was wed on January 11, 1859 at Arichat to Felix Landry, son of Phillister Landry and Melanie Josse.

Julie married Isale Boudreau, son of Charles Boudreau and Lucie Theriault at Arichat on the 30th of January 1854.

Placide Bellfontaine died age 68 December 25, 1893. He and his wife Mabel brought seven children into the world: Nancy, Faye, Betty, Heather, Barbara, Citus, and David.

Michel Bellfontaine married Sophie Cordeau February 3, 1864 at Arichat.