Lost surnames

Pictured is Murphy’s Stretch in Petit de Grat at the end of World War II.

Looking back over the decades, and indeed, centuries, it is amazing to observe the numerous family names that once were common in the Isle Madame area.

One of those names is Murphy. This surname was once very prominent in Richmond County. The earliest record of a Murphy is one John Murphy (circa 1811) who married May Kehoe. They had a son, Michael, born circa 1831. In 1851 he was wed to Anne Kehoe.

John Murphy (circa 1814) and his wife Ruth (MacAskill?) had a daughter, Marie Murphy, born in 1834 and who died in 1872. In 1864 she married Henry (Pottie/Paté). They had a daughter Christina who died at birth.

John J. Murphy (circa 1825) married Mary Carroll and they had three children: Christine, Gerard, and John William. The latter was wed to Julia Rita Garsfield, and they had two daughters, Patricia and Kelly Ann. Gerard had one child, a son, Richard.

John Murphy (circa 1827) was wed to J. Thompson and a son was born to them. James married Marcelline Samson in 1867 at Arichat. Their children were William, Margaret, Ruth Blanche, and Thomas.

Catherine Murphy, who was born July 3, 1830, died April 5, 1912. On January 21, 1858 at Arichat, she married Henry Forrest. There were four children: Robert Patrick born October 23, 1858; he died April 25, 1931; John Henry born February 22, 1860; Daniel born October 28, 1861; and Maria Ruth born February 20, 1868, died December 1958. She married Charlie Gallagher.

Joan Janet Murphy was born May 13, 1945 in Halifax. In 1967 she married Albert J. Moinguy. There were two children, Suzanne and Catherine.

Bridgette Murphy (circa 1843) married Marin Marmaud in 1867 at Arichat.

James Murphy was born on August 10, 1847, and died on December 17, 1911, age 60. At St. John’s Anglican Church in Arichat he married Catherine Jane Edwards in 1891. They had four children: Rosina Victoire, Clara Blanche, Hilbert Courtney, and Margaret Anne.

John Murphy, born around 1855, was married to Mary Griffin; they had a son, David who married Mary Kehoe at Arichat .

James Murphy was born circa 1856. He married Marcelline Boudreau and they had a son, William L. born 1877 in Arichat.

John Murphy, who was wed to Jane Fougere, was born circa 1860. There was a son George Howard and he married Virginie Judith Boudreau.

Clara Blanche Murphy was born in 1894, the daughter of James Murphy and Catherine Jane Edwards. She was married twice; the first marriage was to Harry Edwards with whom she had a daughter, Esther Hazel, born in 1909 at Petit de Grat. The second marriage was to and name named Pooler. There were three offspring: Mae, George, and Elmer.

John Murphy wed Margaret May Nichol at St. John’s Anglican Church, Arichat. The bride was born on December 4, 1898.

Alban Michael Murphy was twice married; the first was to Eleanor Soulis with whom there were no progeny. The second marriage was to Mary Irene McTillan and produced Shelagh, Michael, Marion, Eleanor, and Elizabeth.

Shelagh Murphy married Steven Hines. There was one child, Coleen Patricia.

Marian Murphy married John Flemming. There were two offspring, Karen and one child with an unknown name.

Circa 1923 John Murphy came into the world. Some 20 years later, he wed Thelma (last name unknown). They had one child, Mary Elizabeth, around 1943.

Gary Murphy, born around 1968, married Carol Biron and they had a child named Meaghen.

Richard Murphy came into the world circa 1955. He married Helen Leiper.

Joseph P. Murphy married Marion Hayes. There was a child, Gregory.