Margaree Environmental Association wants province to take a stand against airport

The Margaree Environmental Association is calling for Premier Stephen McNeil to cancel Nova Scotia’s Inverness Airport application to the Federal government’s Rural Infrastructure Fund for $18,000,000 and to withdraw Nova Scotia’s offer of $8,500,000 for this unsolicited project.

On July 25, the Federal government declined the request to fund, with 100 per cent public funds, a private airport adjacent to the Mason’s Mountain Nature Reserve.

During the week of July 22, the Margaree Environmental Association, group members, and supporters, wrote to Premier McNeil demanding that the Premier withdraw Nova Scotia’s application to the Federal government, as well as Nova Scotia’s offer to fund this airport proposal. This proposal was already defeated twice since 2011, by public opposition. The airport was first proposed first near Inverness, and then in the Margaree Valley, and now again near Inverness.

Premier McNeil to date has not responded to our written demands – and those of others — for Nova Scotia to pull out of funding and out of applying for Federal funds for this unneeded private executive airport project.

The Margaree Environmental Association opposes any airport being created in central Inverness County on environmental, social, and economic grounds.

We consider the whole idea being put forward here to be completely counter to what we need in Nova Scotia, to make our communities sustainable and successful.

This is corporate welfare, and political influence peddling at its worst.

Brian Peters

Neal Livingston

Co-Chairs of Margaree Environmental Association