The village of West Arichat (formerly Little Arichat and Acadiaville) is pictured from the steeple atop the former Immaculate Conception Church.

January 7, 1902: Alfred Gerard, widower of Marie Forgeron, married Charlotte Lejeune, widow of Joseph Meunier, witnesses were Ephrem Gerard and Alexina Forgeron

January 21, 1902: Robert LeJeune, son of the late Abraham Lejeune and Marie Dugas, married Alvina Poirier, daughter of Hisidore Poirier and Virginie Paon, witnesses were Pacifique Poirier and Flora Lejeune

January 27, 1902: Clement Benoit, son of the late Joseph Benoit and Henriette Forest (Petit de Grat), married Therese Fougere, daughter of Charles Fougere and the late Charlotte Meunier, witnesses were James Benoit and Marie L. Bois

January 28, 1902: Amedee Theriault, son of Abraham Theriault and Barbe LeBlanc, married Marie Alvina Girroir, daughter of Desire Girroir and Marie Genevieve Paon, witnesses were Muller Theriault and Victoire Girroir

January 28, 1902: Jean Baptiste Girroir, son of Desire Girroir and Marie J. Paon, married Mable Girroir, daughter of William Girroir and the late Eliza Poirier, witnesses were Wilfrid Girroir and Eva Girroir

April 22, 1902: Simon James McDonald, son of Felix McDonald and Anne Samson (D’Escousse), married Marie Bertha Doiron, daughter of William Doiron and Henriette Girroir, witnesses were Robert Doiron and Arthemise McDonald

September 16, 1902: Benjamin Theriault, son of the late Abraham Theriault and Justine Girroir, married Philomene Poirier, daughter of Pierre Poirier and Seraphine Duyon (Martinique), witnesses were Armand Mury and Alexina Samson

December 30, 1902: Patrick LeBlanc, son of William LeBlanc and Victoire Forest (LeBlanc), married Laura A. Theriault, daughter of Abraham Theriault and Barbe LeBlanc, witnesses were Mrs. Emile Poirier and Mrs. Alphonse Robitaille

January 7, 1901: Jeffrey LeBlanc, widower of Liza Babin, married Marie Louise Rogers, the daughter of Theophile Roger and Clara Fougere, witnesses were Simon LeBlanc and Marie Luvina Roger

January 16, 1901: Edouard McDonald, son of Elie McDonald and Marie Anne Burke, D’Escousse, married Marie Belle Forgeron, daughter of Charles Forgeron and Marie LeBlanc, witnesses were Charles Forgeron and Marie LeBlanc

January 21, 1901: Elzear LeBlanc, son of Charles LeBlanc and Celeste Theriault, married Flora Pate, daughter of Firmin Pate and Sophie Benoit, witnesses were Charles Pate and Agnes LeBlanc

January 22, 1901: Joseph Simon Pelerin, son of Edouard Pelerin and Anne Jelo, Port Felix, married Marie Philomene Fougere, daughter of Constant Fougere and Marie Anne Loghill, witnesses were Thomas LeBlanc and Florence Boutin

January 29, 1901: Isaie Babin, son of Benjamin Babin and Sophie Goyeche, married Barbe Mury, daughter of Remy Mury and Seraphine Mironde, witnesses were J. Baptist Goyeche and Sara Babin

April 15, 1901; Pierre Pompin, widower of Anne Pelhum, married Marie E. Girard, daughter of Louis Girard and Sabine Meunier, witnesses were Arthur Meunier and Bertha Doiron

June 24, 1901: Charles Benoit, son of Pascal Benoit and Marie Sacaloup, married Marie B. Samson, daughter of Jean Samson and Sabine Boudrot, witnesses were Ernest Samson and Sara Samson

July 8, 1901: Simon Benoit, widower of Marie Lowry, Arichat, married Josephine Poirier, widow of Jeffrey Boudrot, Martinique, witnesses were John (Cheld?) and Philomene Poirier

September 5, 1901: Laurent Girroir, widower of Helene LaVache, married Martha Vigneau, daughter of Sebastien Vigneau and Sabine Richard, Arichat, witnesses were Laurent LaVache, Mrs. Georges Vigneau and Alphonse Robitaille

November 18, 1901: Celestin Meunier, widower of Seraphine Poirier, married Louise Meunier, daughter of the late Desire Meunier and Milie Sacaloup, witnesses were Alexandre Fougere and Elisabeth Meunier

All marriages were officiated by Fr. J. Ed. Robitaille