Pictured is the former St. Hyacinth’s Parish Church in D’Escousse.

June 24, 1913: Guillaume Alfred Poirier, widower of Henriette Anne Poirier, married Marie Boudreau, daughter of Henry Boudreau and Marie Fougere, witnesses were Ambrose Poirier and Anne Josse

July 10, 1913: Robert Martell married Eliza McGrath, witnesses were John Doyle and Sadie McGrath (The civil record shows Robert Martell was the son of Daniel Martell and Eliza McGrath and Eliza McGrath was the daughter of Thomas McGrath and Ann McDonald)

July 15, 1913: James McGrath, son of Edward McGrath and Nellie McDonald, married Hortense Poirier, daughter of Isidore Poirier and Marie Barbe Langlois, witnesses were Joseph McGrath and Agnes Dobson (The civil record names James McGrath as the son of Thomas McGrath and Ann McDonald)

January 4, 1914: Philip James Kiley, son of Patrick Kiley and Marie Lafford, married Winifred Latimer, daughter of John Latimore and Elizabeth Hearn, witnesses were Vincent Doyle and Elizabeth Latimore. Bonin

January 27, 1914: Ernest Casamir Poirier, son of Isidore Poirier and Marie Barbe Langlois, married Seraphine Aida Poirier, daughter of Arthur Poirier and Agnes Langlois (actually the daughter of his first wife Celina “Deline” McDonald), witnesses were Laughlin Poirier and Julie Poirier

February 16, 1914: Ralph Waldo Emerson Bezanson, son of David Bezanson and Annie Paul of Sydney, married Madelina Fougere (Rose D. “Rosia” Benoit), daughter of (William) Benoit and Elizabeth Fougere, witnesses were Elizabeth Fougere and Cecile Benoit

February 23, 1914: Charles John Bourque (Burke), the son of Edward Burke and Elizabeth Meunier, married Marie Octavie Fougere the daughter of Honore Fougere and Rosalie LeCointe, witnesses were Joseph Bonin and Cecile Benoit

February 24, 1914: Thomas Doyle, widower of Sadie McGrath (probably should be Alice McGrath), married Eugenie Rident (Kavanaugh), daughter of Robert Rident, widow of Louis Ridant, witnesses were Arthur Doyle and Alice Doyle

November 18, 1914: James Barrett of Arichat, married Mariann Gouthautt (Gouthro), witnesses were not recorded

January 10, 1915: Peter Henry Josse, son of Thomas Josse and Elizabeth McDonald, married Emma Jeanne Dunn, daughter of Kenneth Dunn and Marguerite Britten, witnesses were Cornilea Dunn and Bridget Dunn

February 1, 1915: Clancy Albini Poirier, son of Benjamin Poirier and Archange Boudreau (Harriet Boudrot), married Maria Louisa Langlois, daughter of Alfred Langlois and Marie Regina Poirier, witnesses were Leon LeBlanc and Blanche Langlois

February 2, 1915: James Fougere, son of Paul Fougere and Marie LeBlanc, married Marie Fougere, daughter of Charles Fougere and Anne Marie Josse, witnesses were not recorded

May 4, 1915: Leon LeBlanc, son of Honore LeBlanc and Marie Josse, married Regina Therese Arsenault , daughter of Joseph Arsenault and Seraphine McDonald, witnesses were Leon Roi and Amioudrine Langlois

September 15, 1915: George Arthur Boudreau, son of Honore Boudreau and Henriette LeBlanc, married Anita Landry, daughter of Lamong (Lamond) Landry and Marie LeBlanc, witnesses were Leopold Poirier and Alma Poirier

All marriages were officiated by Fr. W. A. Boucher