GUYSBOROUGH: Councillors with the Municipality of the District of Guysborough (MODG) tackled two concerns dealing with waste and garbage during their latest council meeting.

First municipal council awarded a $3,012,082 contract to Nova Construction for the construction of Cell #5 at their municipal landfill, which is scheduled to start as soon as possible and be finished by the fall.

“There will be a pre-construction meeting in the next week-to-10-days,” Guysborough Warden Vernon Pitts said after the meeting on April 17. “Following that, they will be loading their equipment on the site along with the personnel [and] we’ll get this project underway.”

He also said that municipal officials recently applied for infrastructure funding for their new compost facility at the landfill.

In addition to the contract being awarded, councillors had a lively debate on their current bulk container program; something Pitts claimed was the most discussion around the council table in the past eight-months. After staff evaluated the tonnage and distance to the containers as part of their bulk container program, a recommendation to increase pick-up by one community was brought to the table.

The motion, to add a container in Country Harbour for bulk drop-off, narrowly passed with a 4-3 vote, while a motion brought forward by District 5 Councillor Janet Peitzsche to return to the original program was defeated 4-3.

Pitts explained the distance residents in Country Harbour had to travel to a bulk drop-off container was upwards of 30-kilometers and said their decision ultimately comes down to what service they can provide with not having enough personnel.

“There was a question raised in regards to a container in Little Dover by their councillor,” he said. “And if my memory serves me correctly, Little Dover had to travel 4.9 kilometers and I don’t foresee that as being an undue hardship.

“We only have so many people. You can only do so many projects – we’ve got to prioritize here.”

Unlike other municipalities in the area, Pitts advised residents have the option to skip the trip to their local community bulk drop-off container by utilizing the municipality’s bulk pick-up every month – a service that’s not being fully utilized.

“The last pick-up every month you can put anything out on your curb expect for car parts and construction material,” he said. “That makes more sense to me than trucking it 15-kilometers to the container, I think maybe staff should be promoting this more, the bulk roadside pick-up.”