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It’s time to check out your motor vehicle licence plate for possible manufacturer’s defects. You may be driving around not knowing your vehicle plate is defective, and if so, it could mean a RCMP officer has the right to pull you over and issue a warning or a fine.

Things to look for in any defective motor vehicle licence plate are missing paint, single letters and numbers, and any coating partially peeling from the plate’s surface.

I know for a fact because I was pulled over by a RCMP officer at 9:45 p.m. in September of 2018. He explained that my motor vehicle licence plate was defective and could not be seen at night time in his cruiser’s headlights. I was given a warning by the officer that I was responsible for the vehicle plate on my vehicle and to get it replaced the first thing that next morning.

After receiving my warning order, I did get a new motor vehicle licence plate that next morning at no cost to me. There is no charge to you for a defective motor vehicle licence plate if you are required to replace your defective plate for a new one.

A defective motor vehicle licence plate is not visible in the darker hours because of the missing reflective covering over the plate’s surface. In day time, these defective motor vehicle licence plates can be seen clearly by anyone but the plates are still not up to standard legally for display on our vehicles.

I’m trying to help educate other people, as this info maybe unknown to some since it was unknown to me at the time this issue occurred back in the year 2018.

While driving and in parking lots throughout Nova Scotia, I have noticed many defective motor vehicle licence plates over this two-year span and I still see some today.

I’m hoping this letter will help you readers and I’m hoping for you all to have safe motoring in the new year!

Clarence Landry