Mulgrave adopts hybrid council meeting

MULGRAVE: Council meetings have re-opened to the public, in more ways than one.

The town’s regular council meeting scheduled on Feb. 1 took place in chambers with a limited gallery in place, and was also streamed online via Zoom.

“You can only have 10 people in the council meetings,” Mayor Ron Chisholm told The Reporter. “And six are taken up by council and the CAO.”

Chisholm said after further communication with Department of Municipal Affairs and Housing officials, the town was advised they could only open their gallery to four individuals.

“The government will only allow us to have 10, according to our (Emergency Measures Organization).”

The clarification, Chisholm said made it clear that the capacity of the meeting wouldn’t change despite changing locations to a larger venue.

“We’d only be able to have four additional people,” he said. “Even if we were in the gym, that’s still the same thing.”

After resolving their internet connectivity issues that stopped Mulgrave from hosting their meetings online for two-months, the town has since been able to re-open their gallery to an even greater audience, moving forward.

“We did get our internet fixed up,” Chisholm said of now being able to utilize Zoom. “We just have to work out one more little glitch, the audio is not as good as the video, but everything else worked out well.”