Mulgrave installing security cameras to deter vandalism

MULGRAVE: To improve the safety and security around town, Mulgrave is set to install security cameras.

During Mulgrave’s regular monthly council meeting on Oct. 4, Chief Administraive Officer David Gray advised staff had purchased one camera, earlier in the day, just to get it set up to see if it’s sufficient for the town’s needs.

He advised that this security camera option was a lot cheaper than the estimate they received from an outside source on a more complex system.

“We don’t need a Cadillac,” Gray said. “We want a Chevrolet that works.”

Following the meeting, Councillor Krista Luddington told The Reporter over the last year or so, there have been some issues with vandalism in the town.

“We just wanted to get things installed, so that way, first of all (we can) answer public questions when it comes to public safety,” Luddington said on the motivation behind installing security cameras. “And to just try to keep the town safer and be able to hopefully deter the folks who were causing the vandalism.”

Luddington suggested the town would be installing anywhere from three to five cameras.

“We’re not going crazy on security, when it comes to that,” she said. “And it’s not for any other reason except for the vandalism that’s been happening.”

Luddington explained council wanted to start off with one camera and if it works for the purpose they need, they’ll put up a couple more around town.

One requirement for the security cameras will be a wireless network which may impact where staff will be able to install them.

While the locations for the cameras won’t be made public, Gray advised the cameras would be located in higher-traffic areas of town, including the municipal building, pool, duck pond and marina.

“We want to protect our assets,” Luddington said. “And we want to keep people safe, that’s what it’s all about.”