Mulgrave turns off taps for free water deliveries from fire department

MULGRAVE: The Town of Mulgrave will no longer allow the fire department to be used for free water deliveries.

Mulgrave CAO Darlene Berthier Sampson said it came to her attention there have been requests to the Mulgrave Volunteer Fire Department from people in the town for free water delivery, including to fill up someone’s swimming pool and for a resident with a private well which has dried up.

“I received concern that water was being delivered via the fire department, without the town’s knowledge,” she said. “I met with the chief of the fire department and explained while the trucks belong to the fire department, the water is the property and under the management of the town.”

Berthier Sampson has instructed them if they get requests like that in the future, to direct them to the town.

Her decision to cut off that water supply was not just for the equity to all the water payers but because the town is trying to get a handle on how much water they produce and where that water goes.

“If we have town constituents who are paying a very hefty price for water, it is unfair for those who are getting water and not paying for it,” she said. “Even though the fire department meant well, it was by-passing our system.”

Last spring, the town started the process of keeping track of its water supply.