GUYSBOROUGH: The CAO of the Municipality of the District of Guysborough (MODG) says while councillors are disappointed, they’re not surprised Pieridae Energy pulled the plug on their Goldboro LNG facility.

“We don’t invest in any of these projects, first of all,” Barry Carroll told The Reporter. “We don’t put any money into these projects.”

He said other than Pieridae Energy, which was a developer that came to the municipality and was interested in putting a project in their community, they sold them a piece of land for $3.2 million.

“Basically, what council says to them is go out in the community and talk to the people, hold public meetings and to see if the people are accepting them into the community,” Carroll said. “With Pieridae that was our role.”

He said even though the project isn’t set to go forward, the municipality isn’t required to buy back the land.

“That’s their land to do what they choose; what they want,” Carroll said. “But it was a $10 billion project and they had to raise that money.”

Even though council was hopeful for the LNG development, they were also realistic about what to expect at the same time.

“You we’re hoping the project was going to go ahead because the majority of the residents in the community were supportive,” Carroll said. “And it would have made a huge impact on the community from an employment perspective and putting food on the table.”

He suggested while the project didn’t work out in Goldboro, there have been 30-odd projects proposed for British Columbia, and only one or two moving ahead.

“On the law of averages, we were the only project on the east coast left and Pieridae LNG went by the wayside,” Carroll said. “You were hoping Goldboro LNG would make a go, but you were realistic of the industry and the chances of it going.”

He explained if there is another version of the project, and Pieridae was willing to go with that, council approved the bigger project, so they would entertain a smaller version of a project as well.