I often wonder why all secondary roads from 50-plus years ago were never paved during this time span? And why roads that were paved some 30-plus years ago were never upgraded or resurfaced to safety standards?

The secondary roads only get graded, and most have no gravel on the surface to begin with, while the paved roads only see pothole patching, with little respect shown to the motoring public.

The abuse these roads create devalue our vehicles as a result of damages, which should be in the millions of dollars throughout Nova Scotia.

Everyone pays taxes, so why shouldn’t all the roads be updated to equal mandatory safety standards? We all pay for licence plates, driver’s licences, registration fees, and safety inspections, plus the high cost for fuel and vehicle insurance to drive on these miserable, not-fit-to-drive-on, roads.

A positive approach has to be undertaken now by both the provincial and federal governments. They must work together to repair our roads and fix the problems that we are witnessing today throughout Nova Scotia.

Until our government can come forward and get all road safety problems fixed, I believe any permanent resident living along one of these neglected roadways should be entitled to at least a $500 vehicle damage refund cheque every year from the government.

Not all readers will agree, but it is something to think about.

Clarence Landry