New book features Strait area locations

HAMPSHIRE, ENGLAND: Local readers will spot some familiar landmarks in the new mystery novel, The Spontiak Enigma.

“My brother and his family lived in Mulgrave and I visited in the 1970s and 1980s,” said Ann Wildman, native of Hampshire, England and author of The Spontiak Enigma.

“It seemed natural to use Mulgrave as a location as I had such great memories of it.”

Wildman says she took much inspiration from the time she spent in Nova Scotia, visiting areas including Marble Mountain, West Bay, Guysborough, and Port Hawkesbury.

“I loved the people I met there, their friendliness, hospitality and easy going manner,” said Wildman.

“I struck up a friendship with one of the daughters of the family who lived next door and it was their house I based Nancy Spontiak’s house on in the book. It always reminded me of an upturned boat and it overlooked the Strait of Canso. At night you could see the lights of Port Hawkesbury,” said Wildman.

Wildman’s self-published thriller tells the story of photographer Nathan King, who becomes entangled in a mystery after visiting a Tibetan monastery and discovering a mysterious piece of I.D. The plot spans a variety of locations including Tibet, England, Canada, and Norway. The two chapters featuring Mulgrave are among the most pivotal, according to Wildman, because they focus on Nova Scotian character, Nancy Spontiak, who is central to the plot.

Wildman believes the book would appeal to anyone who enjoys a mystery tale, but she thinks the references to Strait area landmarks would make it particularly interesting to Nova Scotian readers.

“I think if anyone sees a book that mentions places they know or have heard of, it gives them the feeling of inclusion. They can relate to that place, even if they haven’t actually visited it but because the name is familiar to them,” said Wildman.

The 61-year-old author has been writing since the age of 17. In 2008, she earned an honours diploma in freelance and feature writing from the London School of Journalism. She has written many short stories, poems, and articles, but The Spontiak Enigma is her first full-length book.

Print copies of The Spontiak Enigma may be ordered on-line from E-books can be downloaded from and print copies will be available from Amazon within a few weeks.