Am I day dreaming about food again? Yes, yes I am. Is this column going to be about food? Of course it is.

I’ve never had what you would consider a good relationship with food. I was a picky eater as a kid and took full advantage of eating whatever I wanted when I left home. It wasn’t until my late 20s when I started eating fruit and veg. The 10 years without meat was a decent trip but I like the taste and convenience too much. I know I am a terrible person but eating meat is very simple. Going without takes some doing and I don’t like doing anything that involves effort.

My intake also varied a lot over the years, going from eating very little, to gorging, and back again a number of times. At present, I am on an eating less kick but I am eating smart. I kicked most carbs to the curb, as I believe I mentioned before, only indulging in the tortillas in my wraps. No bread, potatoes, rice, and the like. I’m also abstaining from dairy, which is a big pile of lame but worth not feeling like I ate something that is trying to eat me back, and fast food, with the exception of sandwich shops, got the boot as well except for a run one day that only reminded me why I stopped eating fast food.

My only vice on the food spectrum now is unbreaded chicken wings, which I have twice a week. Yes, a nutritionist would think I am very silly. I understand this and am okay with it, though I do plan on consulting a nutritionist in the New Year to get a better grip on things, but so far things are working out alright. It did take some getting used to, what with the lack of energy I had at first, but I am enjoying not being as shackled by the garbage food and extra pounds.

Is there a point to this? Yes. I am healthier than I’ve been in a while and that’s starting to show in more than just my pant size. Please don’t take anything from me as medical fact but I know eating healthier food has helped my moods. I am nowhere near as easy to angry up my blood nowadays. I’m still socially stunted but my anxiety definitely isn’t what it used to be. It’s still there but it’s not as bad. I’ll take that over knocking back a couple of happy meals.

Do I miss anything? Sure. I miss cheeseburgers like nobody’s business. You can tell me all you want about how you have a healthy version that tastes just as good but you’d be ever so completely wrong. A burger is red meat. End of discussion. Everything else is a sandwich… though a burger is technically a sandwich but it’s like this: all burgers are sandwiches but not all sandwiches are burgers. That’s some first year university philosophy for you folks who didn’t have the pleasure. Where was I? Oh right. I miss burgers but, not eating them is worth it right now.

I’m done now.