Technology in today’s global world can be frightening for some elderly folks, including myself, especially when shopping or banking.

New technology is taking control each and every day while the global world revolves around us. At one time, our cash was all a person would need to buy groceries, gasoline, clothing, get a haircut, etc.

I’m sorry to say our elderly way of living day-to-day has been taken over by today’s advancing technology; cell phones, ATM machines, plastic scanning cards, retail registers with prices transferred along onto a screen, along with e-transfers, doctor’s using computers, direct bank deposits, and many other new technology changes.

We, the elderly population, do not have the proper knowledge to live this way of life with new and advancing technology. This makes for frightening moments while trying to keep up and properly understand the true meaning of what we have to deal with on a day-to-day basis.

Technology started to change our lives when our old time math schooling was changed to metric. PIN codes were introduced at banking counters. Government cheques and pay cheques were stopped and we were given no choice but direct deposit.

As the global world revolves around us, we the elderly will continue experiencing new technology before we depart, forcing us to deal with new realities every day and learning as we go on through these changing times.

After pressing my pound key, I am sending this letter by e-mail and leaving my message to technology.

Clarence Landry