Pictured are Notre Dame de l’Assomption Church (in front) and convent (background) in Arichat.

The first missionary to visit Arichat was Father Bailly de Messein, a native of France serving in the diocese of Quebec.

Father Bailly was replaced by Father Bourg who directed the parishioners to build a chapel which was completed in 1786. This date also marked the arrival of Dr. William Phelan D.D., Ph.D. from Ireland.

On May 18, 1787 Father Phelan wrote to Bishop D’Esglis stating that he had visited all parts of his district and calculated that there were some 200 Catholic families, two-thirds of whom were French Acadian with the remainder being Scottish and Irish.

Father Phelan was succeeded, in 1792, by Arichat’s first resident priest, Francois LeJamtel. It was he who secured the parish lands and saw to the construction of a glebe house, parish office, and belfry for the 1786 chapel.


Goyetche, Charles David

Marchand, Itta Mariane

Boudreau, Joseph Rudolphe

LeBlanc, Marie Bertha

Martel, Francois Roderick

Stone, Marie Marguerite

Josse, Marguerite Louise

DesRoches, Paul Bathlèmeé

Edwards, MaryAnneTheresa

Doré, Marie Christine

Richard, Joseph Valentin

Binet, John Reynold


LeBlanc, Marie Isabella

Boudreau, Louis Clément

Latimer, Olive Emilie

Martel, Marie Jeannette

Martel, Joseph Hubert

Goyetche, David Thomas

David, Joseph Gerald

Boucher, Joseph Donald

Goyetche, Joseph Napoleon

LeBrun, Virginie Ann

Peebles, Caroline Ana

Marchand, Marie Francine

LeBlanc, Marie Jeanne

Babin, Marie Mathilda

LeBlanc, Joseph André

Stone, John David

O’Hearn, Daniel Peter

Boudreau, Cléophas Omer

Bonin, Joseph Francois

Luce, Marie Christine

McEachen, Joseph Thomas

Josse, Marie Lucille

LeBlanc, Carroll Charles


Forgeron, Lucille Edwina

Bouchard, Emile

Coste, Joseph Gerald

David, Ulysse Amedee

Boudreau, Joseph Amedee

McGrath, Mary Caroline

Binet, Marie Marilyn

Lowry, Marie Cecile

Benoit, Marie Helene

Gaydet, Marie Helene

Boudreau, Marie Aline

LeBlanc, Edward James

Boudreau, Yvette Marie


Babin, Marie Jeanne

Stone, Marie Margaret

Babin, Madeleine Claire

Josse, Marie Viola