Priests with the Diocese of Antigonish are pictured at a ceremony at Notre Dame de l’Assomption Parish Church in Arichat on June 3, 1951.

May 4, 1909 Jonas Stone, widower of Catherine McDonald, married Ida Boudreau, daughter of Jean Boudreau and Anne Martel, witnesses Martin Meagher and Caroline Gaudet

June 28, 1909 Godfrey LeBlanc, son of Jeffrey LeBlanc and Marie Giroir, married Noémi Landry, daughter of Daniel Landry and Jeanne Boudreau, witness Alfred Boudreau

Nov. 17, 1909 Allan J. Cameron, son of John Cameron and Catherine Griffin, married Clara Frehil, daughter of John Frehil and Mary Fuller, witnesses Clifford Lecouter and May Jean

Nov. 22, 1909 George N. Somers, son of Juo. Somers and Mary Brown, married Martha Boudreau, daugther of Thomas Boudreau and Jeanne LeBlanc, witnesses Dr. Francis Boudreau and Anna Boudreau

Jan. 10, 1910 Simon Boudreau, son of Daniel Boudreau and Charlotte Martel, married Caroline Gaudet, daughter of Agapit Gaudet and Marie Boucher, witnesses Victor Boudreau and Marie Goyetche

Jan. 10, 1910 Robert Lowry, widower of Emma LeBlanc, married Mariette Boudreau, daughter of David Boudreau and Charlotte Martel, witnesses Pierre Benoit and Marguerite Boudreau

Jan. 10, 1910 Alexander Martel, son of Henri Martel and Pauline Maillet, married Marguerite A. Boudreau, daughter of Félix Boudreau, witness Bernard Boudreau

Jan. 10, 1910 Walter Boudreau, son of Félix Boudreau and Marguerite Campbell, married Emma J. Martel, daughter of Victor Martel and Adèle Samson, witness Bernard Boudreau

Jan. 17, 1910 Joseph West, son of Joseph West and Mary West, married Marie Goyetche, daughter of Jean Goyetche and Marie Samson, witnesses Thomas Forgeron and Sabine Rose Duyon

Jan. 24, 1910 Léon Samson, son of Charles Samson and Marie J. Boudreau, married Alvina Landry, daughter of Lamand Landry and Marie Bois, witnesses Jean Samson and Marguerite David

Jan. 27, 1910 Nectaire D. Marchand, son of Dominique Marchand and Judith Boudreau, married Martha Martel, daughter of Joseph Martel and Elizabeth Boudreau, witnesses Henri Boudreau and Marie B. Boudreau

Jan. 31, 1910 André Thibeau, son of Étienne Thibeau and Sabine Hébert, married Elizabeth Boudreau, daughter of Jeffrey Boudreau and Marie Hébert, witnesses Pierre Thibeau and Beatrice Boudreau

Jan. 31, 1910 James Goyetche, son of James Goyetche and Gracieuse Bourque, married Anne Marie Boudreau, daughter of Henri Boudreau and Marie Martel, witnesses Willie LeBlanc and Martha Boudreau

April 4, 1910 Narcisse Thibeault, son of Edward Thibeault and Henriette Landry, married Alvina Boudreau, daughter of Jeffrey Boudreau and Marie Hébert, witnesses Edward Landry and Cécile Pertus

July 11, 1910 Frederick Samson, son of André Samson and Martha Boudreau, married Évangéline Marchand, daughter of Xavier Marchand and Martha McCarthy, witnesses Leon Samson and Esther Marchand

July 25, 1910 William Félix Marchand, son of Désiré Marchand and Louise Marchand, married Anne Boudreau, daughter of William Boudreau and Delina Samson, witnesses Paul Marchand and Joséphine Boudreau

Nov. 1, 1910 Fredéric Richard, son of Simon Richard and Eliza Fougère, married Marie Évangéline LeBlanc, daughter of Elias LeBlanc and Marguerite Ulain, witnesses Joseph Richard and Marguerite Anne LeBlanc

Nov. 15, 1910 Arthur DesCostes, son of François DesCostes and Marguerite Boucher, married Joséphine Landry, daughter of Hilaire Landry and Madeleine Landry, witnesses Walter DesCostes and Sabine Landry

Nov. 15, 1910 Joseph Richard, son of Simon Richard and Eliza Fougère, married Marguerite Anne LeBlanc, daughter of Charles LeBlanc and Marguerite Ulain, witnesses Walter DesCostes and Sabine Landry