Pictured is the Bishop’s Palace and Notre Dame de l’Assomption Church in Arichat with its orginal single-steeple design.

The first missionary to visit Arichat was Father Bailly de Messein, a native of France serving in the Diocese of Quebec.

Bailly was replaced by Father Bourg who directed the parishioners to build a chapel which was completed in 1786. This date also marked the arrival of Dr. William Phelan D.D., Ph.D. from Ireland. On May 18, 1787, Phelan wrote to Bishop D’Eglis stating that he had visited all parts of his district and calculated that there were some 200 Catholic families, two-thirds of whom were French Acadian, with the remainder being Scottish and Irish.

Phelan was succeeded, in 1792, by Arichat’s first resident priest, Francois LeJamtel. It was he who secured the parish lands and saw to the construction of a glebe house, parish office, and belfry for the 1786 chapel.

The following births were recorded in Arichat in 1920:

Charles Herbie Richard born Dec. 24, son of Pierre and Victoire

Godfrey Alexandre Boudreau born Dec. 18, son of Alex. and Marie-Helene

Joseph Thomas Boudreau born Dec. 12, son of David and Philomene Ulin

Marie Lina Richard born Dec. 12, daughter of Georges Richard and Stella Martel

Elie Amedee Gaudet born Dec. 7, son of Joseph Gaudet and Minnie Gaudet

Anna Regina Woolf born Nov. 23, daughter of Fred. Woolf and Cecile Landry

Marie Rose Anna Boucher born Nov. 21, daughter of Thomas Boucher and Marie Jeanne Boudreau

Jean Clement Thibeau born Nov. 14, son of Dominique Thibeau and Rose Boudreau

Henri Leonard Forest born Nov. 12, son of James Forest and Anne DesRoches

Marie Christine Boucher born Oct. 29, daughter of Albini Boucher and Sabine Boudreau

Marie Marguerite Briand born Oct. 28, daughter of Alphonse Briand and Eva LeBlanc

Adella Evelyn Crowell born Oct. 20, daughter of Leonard and Evelyn Gagnon

Joseph Laurent Boudreau born Oct. 20, son of Henri Boudreau and Philomene Samson

Joseph Amable LeBlanc born Sept. 25, son of Joseph LeBlanc and Marguerite Samson

Francois Albert Coste born Sept. 20, son of Charles Coste and Marie Manbourquette

Jacques Wilfred Benoit born Sept. 19, son of Joseph Benoit and Evangeline Langlois

Marie Bernadette McGrath born Sept. 1, daughter of Michael McGrath and Ethel Edwards

Marie Rita Coste born Sept. 3, daughter of Walter Coste and Alexina Landry

Marguerite Therese Goyetche born Aug. 6, daughter of Alcide Goyetche and Alexina Samson

Marie Mathilde Landry born July 29, daughter of Raymond Landry and Beatrice Boudreau

Joseph Cleophas Goyetche born Aug. 2, son of J.B. Goyetche and Marie Lavache

Marie Camilla Doyle born July 16, daughter of Charles Doyle and Blanche Keating

Louis Bernard Boucher born July 13, son of Simeom and Clothilde Boucher

Marie Evangeline Goyetche born June 20, daughter of Thomas Goyetche Alvina Boudreau

Charles Leon Josse born June 6, son of Albert Josse Alice Boudreau

Marie Melanda Coste born May 27, daughter of Francois Coste and Florence Gaudet

Marie Eve Briand born May 7, daughter of Jeffrey Briand and Clara Coste

Joseph Leonard Phelan born April 27, son of James Phelan

Marie Rita Boudreau born April 28, daughter of Albini Boudreau and Martha Gaudet

Joseph Boudreau born April 6, son of Edouard Boudreau and Marie Bourque

Ignace Laurent Wilson born April 17, son of Daniel Wilson and Alvina Petitpas

Alice Rose Madden born April 20, daughter of Willie and Alice Madden

Marie Clemence Boudreau born April 9, daughter of Victor Boudreau and Marie Gaudet

Joseph Giroir born January 22 son of Marie Giroir

Jacques Edouard Bonin born March 26, son of Ernest Bonin and Elizabeth Fougere

Joseph Charles Richard born March 23, son of Fred Richard and Evangeline LeBlanc

Marie Alice Petitpas born March 8, daughter of Walter Petitpas and Eugenie Briand

Marie Alvina Doucet born March 5, daughter of Harry Doucet and Hellen Ronen

Joseph Ernest Boudreau born February 29, son of Jacques Boudreau and Clara Boudreau

Pierre Gariel Boucher born February 29, son of Henri Boucher and Marie Mury

Marie Josephine LeBlanc born February 15, daughter of Remi LeBlanc and Anne Martel