Pictured is historic Notre Dame de l’Assomption Church in Arichat.

One of Arichat’s most outstanding priests was Father Jean-Baptiste Maranda who arrived in 1835.

Within three months, he had completed a thorough visitation of the parish finding 2,300 parishioners, 1,300 of whom were communicants. One-fifth of the total population of 3,267 was Irish, with the remainder Acadian.

Maranda discovered some dissension in the parish. The construction of the new church had consumed some 1,500 pounds and there were those who were reluctant to see more demands on their hard-earned money. But Maranda forged ahead canvassing the parish and securing promises of 630 pounds with only three parishioners refusing to participate.

On October 15, 1837 the Diocese of Arichat formally opened its cathedral.

Disaster struck the parish in November of 1838 when the presbytery was lost to fire. Tragically, the records of the first 52 years of the parish were destroyed. These were of incalculable historical value in that Arichat is the oldest parish in the Diocese of Antigonish.

Once again Maranda forged ahead and by June of 1840 a new presbytery was completed.


Arsenault, Thomas Paul, parents Joseph Arsenault and Marie Boudreau

David, Clarence Elzear, parents Amedee David and Marguerite Richard

LeBlanc, Medric Ernest, parents Raymond LeBlanc and Blanche Hureau

Coste, Francois Edgar, parents Albert Coste and Marie Mius

Acton, Thomas Richard, parents Thomas Acton and Mary Stone

Boucher, Elizabeth Anne, parents Cornelius Boucher and Emma Terrio

Boudreau, Joseph Daniel, parents David and Elizabeth Boudreau

Binet, Edith Elaine, parents Morton Binet and Cecilia Boudreau

Fougere, Mary Evelyn, parents Joseph Fougere and Ruth Jollymore


Britten, Denis Francis, parents Francis Britten and Marie Landry

Brousell, Marie Violet, parents Henry Brousell and Marie Bonin

Smith, Austin Trueman, parents John Smith and Libby Williams

Marchand, George David, parents Marie Rachel Marchand

Boudreau, Pierre Georges, parents Alexandre Boudreau and Marie Claire Marchand

Babin, Anne Barbe, parents Joseph Babin and Marie Boudreau

Bonin, George Roderick, parents Joseph Bonin and Mary Howlette

LeBlanc, Ernest Dennis, parents Joseph Leblanc and Marie Fougere

Goyetche, M. Jeanne Geneve, parent Barbara Goyetche

Boudreau, Joseph Adolphe, parents Cyril Boudreau and Marie Arsenault

Cosman, Earle Arthur, parents Earle Cosman and Jessie Campbell

DeCoste, Mary Alvina Diona, parents Arthur DeCoste and Marguerite Marchand

White, Paul Gerard, parents Paul (Eugene) White and Margaret Goyetche

Dort, Andrew, James Albert, parents Albert Dort and Anita Forest

Marchand, Marjorie Anne, parent Marie Marchand

Josse, Raymond Paul, parents Freeman Josse and Marie Briand

Boudreau, Marie Helene, parents Joseph and Marie Boudreau

LeBrun, Gerald, parents Gerald LeBrun and Alice Williams

Whittingham, David Ernest, parents Maurice Whittingham and Thelma McDonald

LeBlanc, Marie Pauline, parents Amedee LeBlannc and Therese Goyetche

Madden, Maria Catherine, parents Daniel Madden and Magdalena Van de Bunt

Van de Bunt, Marie Magdalena, parents Adrionus Van de Brunt and Marie Venendaal


Boudreau, Marie Sylvia, parents Joseph Boudreau and Marie Briand

Boudreau, Marie Adele, parents David and Marie Boudreau

Terrio, Guy Denis, parents Jean-Baptiste Terrio and May LeBlanc

Boudreau, Marie Vivian, parents Jean and Marie Boudreau

David, Paul Alcide, parents Dominique David and Clarisse Marchand

Bonin, Amable Charles, parents Joseph Bonin and Mary Brousell

Hull, Paul Robert, parents Henry Hull and Mary Boudreau

Goyetche, Raymond Amedee, parents s Joseph Amedee Goyetche and Blanche Boudreau

Marchand, Marie Lena, parents Joseph Marchand and Elizabeth Samson

Hearn, Claire Marie, parents Wilfred Hearn and Mary Laura Donahoe

Boudreau, Joseph Raymond, parents Benedict Boudreau and Clara Marchand

LaVandier, Gerald Antoine, parents s Gerald LeVandier and Marie Cecile DeCoste

Britten, Sharon Anne, parents Francis Britten andMary Landry

McDonald, James Douglas, parents James McDonald and Marie (Rita) Boudreau

LeBlanc, David Michel, parents s Jeffrey Charles LeBlanc and Jean Power

DeCoste, Joseph Ronald, parents Arthur DeCoste and Marguerite Marchand

DeCoste, M. Emillie Shirley, parents Joseph (Jeffrey) DeCoste and Anna DeWolfe

Babin, Jean Daniel, parents Albinie Babin and Marie Boudreau

Johnston, Kenneth John, parents William Johnston and Catherine O’Hearn

Forgeron, Marie Edna, parents Stanley Forgeron and Marie LeBlanc