Gas prices are on the rise. There was a big earthquake in Mexico. There seems to be a new hurricane every few days. What better time for a random thoughts column?

Stephen King’s It came out in theatres this week. While I won’t be going anywhere near it (horror is not my thing), I hope it will see a better reception than The Dark Tower. I like King’s books and like seeing authors’ properties treated with respect. With that said, I hope Hollywood will keep calm should It perform well at the box office.

I don’t think anyone wants to see retreads of older movies like The Dead Zone or The Shining coming back to the big screen. The Dead Zone was a terrible film and The Shining was great. Neither needs a remake. I suggest just reading the books, as the book is almost always superior to the film anyway… though I do think The Shawshank Redemption is a very good movie

Seth MacFarlane’s The Orville debuted over the weekend as well. While I haven’t watched regular television since April, I will likely return to a few shows this year and I might pick up a newbie for an episode or two. The Orville though… I enjoyed Family Guy for the first few seasons and Ted was funny enough but that’s about all I get out of MacFarlane’s productions. I did not care for the rest of his animated shows and the rest of his movies were tepid at best.

With that in mind I am going to avoid his newest offering, which looks like little more than a Star Trek parody which I already saw enough of with Galaxy Quest. It’s not that I hold any particular love for Star Trek as I am pro Star Wars all the way. I also count Firefly as one of my favourite televisions shows so I think science fiction and comedy can work in harmony. I just don’t think it will work in this instance. Of course, I am usually wrong about one show per year so who knows? I may have found the one television show I will like this season. (Following the announcement of the Friday Night Lights series, I remember being a naysayer. I didn’t think television could handle the drama as well as the movie. I have never been so happy to be wrong.)

Speaking of television, I was very impressed with Game of Thrones this season. I thought there was going to be more coy glances at the future, as there have been in seasons past, but the economy with which they used their time during this shortened season was solid. There weren’t any lags, they tied up some loose ends and they kept the fans happy and watching. I don’t remember people being this excited about the series since its debut.

I would be remiss if I didn’t bid a fond farewell to Adam Cooke, who left The Reporter recently. I should have put something in my last column but I completely forgot. Adam is a hard worker, committed to making sure the region got the coverage it deserved, and was always concerned with quality. He will be missed in the office. Take care, sir.

I’m done now.