Photo by Jake Boudrot -- The B's Boys has been hung up on a rock just off Petit de Grat since the end of lobster season on the last day of June.

ISLE MADAME: Although pollutants have been removed, a fishing vessel which ran aground just off Petit de Grat earlier this month remains stuck.

Stephen Bornais, communications advisor with Fisheries and Oceans Canada, told The Reporter that the Canadian Coast Guard’s Environmental Response branch responded to a vessel aground near Petit de Grat on July 1.

“The Coast Guard directed the owner to remove all bulk pollutants aboard the vessel,” Bornais said on July 26. “The owner complied. The vessel no longer poses a threat of pollution and Transport Canada [is] now dealing with the owner and wreck.”

Simon Rivet, senior advisor in media relations for Transport Canada, explained that the owner of B’s Boys is responsible for removing the vessel.

“In accordance with the Navigation Protection Act, Transport Canada has informed the owner of the vessel FV B’s Boys that it is the owner’s responsibility to secure, remove or destroy the vessel, as it has the potential to obstruct navigation,” he told The Reporter.