ANTIGONISH: Band and municipal council members took part in their first joint meeting last week.

Paqtnkek First Nation Band Council and Council for the Municipality of the County of Antigonish took part in their first official joint council meeting on November 20 at the county’s office in Antigonish.

Warden Owen McCarron said the bodies also met in Heatherton the day before for discussions, noting both meetings went well.

“We’re putting a frame work in place [about] how Antigonish County and Paqtnkek move forward and it was really two good days of discussion and working,” said McCarron. “We made plans for another meeting for April, 2019.”

The warden said the councils discussed the Paqtnkek Interchange Project, as well as areas where they can do things together that will benefit the whole region.

“We’re excited about the possibilities going forward, working with Pa’tnkek,” added McCarron.