In 1844 Arichat was officially designated as the seat of the diocese. This meant that the new Notre Dame church (pictured) became a cathedral and the parish priest became the cathedral rector.

In 1842 Father Jean-Baptiste Maranda continued as pastor for the parish of Isle Madame. In 1844 Arichat was officially designated as the seat of the diocese. This meant that the new Notre Dame church became a cathedral and the parish priest became the cathedral rector. In addition, Fr. Maranda was named vicar general by Bishop Fraser.

In 1848 the first Arichat native to be ordained to the priesthood was Patrick Madden, son of Dr. Andrew A. Madden. Most of his priestly service was spent in the Diocese of Halifax, but he retired to Arichat in 1893, and died there in 1898.

Father Maranda’s successor was Etienne Chartier, a native of Quebec, widely travelled through Canada, the United States, and Europe. He was 52 years of age when he came to Arichat. His nonconciliatory personality soon expressed itself, and he clashed with anyone who disagreed with him.

Perhaps at the root of Chartier’s discontent was his contention that the bishop of Arichat should be a French Canadian. In any event, he had reached the end of his service as rector at Arichat.


Gaudet, Xasteroolas parents Peter and Marie Gaudet

Boudreau, Rene Curtis, parents Leon and Marie Briand

LeBrun, Helen Mary, parents John Harold and Claire LeBrun

Boudreau, Joseph, parents Martin and Mary Boudreau

David, Mary Ann, Ulysse and Marie David

Boucher, Feancois Conrad, parents Emile and Delina Boucher

McGrath, John Louis, parents Aubum and Gloria McGrath

DeCoste, Joseph Antoine, parents Jean-Baptiste Delina DeCoste

Martell, Harold Alexandre, parents Honore and Marie Martell

Richard, Jacques Hubert, parents Louis and Irene Richard

Boudreau, Joseph Lionel, parents Godefroy and Irene Boudreau

Bouchard, Jean Robert, parents Charles and Marie Bouchard

MacLean, William James, parents William and Christine MacLean

MacLean, William, parent Mary Campbell


LeBlanc, Jean Andre, parents Joseph and Marie Evelyn LeBlanc

Thibeau, Narcisse Edgar, parents Joseph Edgar and Marie Thibeau

Boudreau, Marie Edith, parents Joseph and Evangeline Boudreau

Poirier, Caroline Ann, parents Walter and Marie Poirier

Stone, Mary Veronica, parents Raymond and Ida Stone

Madden, Alice Judith, parents Daniel and Magdelena Madden

Boudreau, Stanley Joseph, parents Alphonse and Rita Boudreau

Richard, Diana Jeanne, parents Joseph and Carol Richard

Gaudet, Ellen Maureen, parents Elias and Lillian Gaudet

Boudreau, Marie Muriel, parents Joseph and Alfrida Boudreau

Goyetche, Marie Diana, parents Narcisse and Agnes Elizabeth Goyetche

Boudreau, Joseph Louis, parents Joseph Louis and Marie Boudreau

Marchand, Marie Madeleine, parents Joseph and Elizabeth Marchand

Keely, Joseph Walter, parent Marie Keely

Boudreau, Claire Marie, parents David and Marie Boudreau

Boudreau, Marie Deltina, parents Jean and Marie Boudreau

Boudreau, Gerald Joseph, parents Leo and Marie Boudreau

White, Marilyn Anne, parents Paul Eugene and Marguerite White

Boudreau, Adam Kenneth, parents Cyril and Adela Boudreau

Binet, Edouard Philip, parents Morton and Marie Binet

McEachem, Joseph Bernard, parents Thomas and Marie McEachern


Landry, M. Celeste Anne, parents Bernard and Irene Landry

Babin, Marie Therese, parents Albini and Bernadette Babin

Acton, Charles Bernard, parents Thomas and Mary Acton

LeBlanc, Beatrice Patricia, parents Joseph Ned and Evelyn LeBlanc

McGrath, Ronald Lawrence, parents John and Gloria McGrath

LeBlanc, Gerald Charles, parents Remi and Priscilla LeBlanc

Josse, Valerie Edna, parents Freeman and Marie Josse

Gaudet, M. Gloria Jeanne, parents Joseph and Marie Gaudet

Britten, Linda Mary, parents Ralph and Edwina Britten

McNeil, Catherine Jane, parents Neil and Mary McNeil

Madden, Johanna Magdaleine, parents Daniel and Magdalena Madden

Madden, Leonora Adrienne, parents Daniel and Magdalena Madden

Benoit, Jean Edouard, parents Emile and Eleanora Benoit

Boucher, Marie Irene, parents Amable and Emilie Boucher

Boudreau, Philip Arthur, parents, Pierre and Frances Boudreau

Thibeau, Andre, Ronald, parents Jacques and Blanche Thibeau

DeCoste, Joseph Napoleon, parents Raymond and Amelia DeCoste