St. Peter’s and Port Hawkesbury restaurants have common problems with parking lot safety.

Well-marked, but poorly designed signage while trying to enter or exit the parking lots make for an unsafe entrance or exit for their customers.

At the Tim Horton’s in St. Peter’s, we are given one choice when entering and when leaving; one double entrance coming into park, or one single exit through the drive-thru. The entrance ways leads traffic directly in front of the main entrance door, while people are walking in or out of the establishment, creating danger. When it is time to leave the Tim’s parking lot, it becomes a choice for us the customer to either go straight out the illegal double entrance driveway with head-on traffic facing us coming into the parking lot, or we can wait for the legal way out in a line-up of six or more vehicles while they are placing their orders going through the drive-thru exit only lane.

In Port Hawkesbury, it’s McDonald’s with parking lot safety issues. The Big M parking lot has two exits and two entrance points. One of the two exit points at the Big M is similar to Tim’s parking lot in St. Peter’s. While entering or exiting either parking lot, we are faced with incoming traffic. In some cases, I witnessed the chaos.

These two establishments in two different counties are thriving. Safety at entrance and exit points should be of importance, surveyed and brought forward by an accountable source and corrected for the safety of us (their customers).

Safer parking lots at two separate eating establishments need solving now.

Clarence Landry