Petit de Grat scores pair of wins

Photo by Adèle Boudreau Red Cap first base man Richard Boudreau tries to get a tag on Mariner Josh Bungay.

RICHMOND COUNTY: Still on the top of the heap in the Richmond Amateur Baseball Association (RABA) are the Little Anse Hawks, having lost only one game in their first 13 outings this season.

All three games back of the mighty Hawks are the Petit de Grat Red Caps (8-9), the St. Peter’s Royals (8-9), and the Louisdale Baracos (6-7). Rounding out the league are the Isle Madame Mariners (6-10) and the Inverness Athletics (4-8).


Photo by Adèle Boudreau
Clem Fougère was doing some good work for the Little Anse Hawks so far in the RABA season. Behind him at first base is Ryan Samson.

Last Saturday, the Red Caps scored a pair of home field wins over the Mariners.

Game one was an 18-2 win for Petit de Grat, with pitcher Don Fougere taking his first win of the day. Drake Boudreau suffered the loss.

Maurice Boudreau had a big game for the Red Caps, managing four runs; David Paupin had two runs and three RBIS; and Warren Olsen had two hits and two RBIs. Richard Boudreau had three singles and an RBI.

Zack Bond and Jean-Marc Samson had runs for the Mariners.

Game two was more competitive, with Fougere scoring his second win in an 18-16 final.

Maurice Boudreau was once again a beast for the Red Caps, managing six runs and two RBIs for the cause. Lenny Benoit had four runs, and Warren Benoit had three RBIs.

On the offensive for the Mariners were Dobson Boudreau, four runs and four RBIs; Joel Fougere, four runs; Callum Boudreau, three singles, three runs, and three RBIs; and Jimmy Bungay, three hits and three RBIs.


Photo by Adèle Boudreau
Mariner Drake Boudreau makes a great catch at first base. Batting for the Red Caps was Warren Benoit.

Last Saturday in Inverness, the St. Peter’s Royals visited for a doubleheader with both squads managing a win. The first game was 10-8 for the Royals, and game two ended 10-2 for the Athletics.


Photo by Adèle Boudreau
Little Anse Hawks Laurier Samson slides into second base, as Louisdale’s James Delaney watches on.

On Thursday, July 25, Vince Pottie of the St. Peter’s Royals got the win on the mound when his crew took on the Petit de Grat Red Caps. The final 6-4.

Leading offense for St. Peter’s was Weldon MacPhail, who went 3-for-3 with one RBI.

On the mound for the Red Caps was Bryden Boudreau


Photo by Adèle Boudreau
Baraco shortstop Greg Rioux catches a fly ball during RABA action in Petit de Grat.

On Monday, July 22, Craig Richard managed three singles on three at bats for the Little Anse Hawks in their 2-1 win over the Louisdale Baracos.

Also performing well for the Hawks were Noah Landry, two runs and two stolen bases; and Laurie Samson, who went 2-for-4 with a stolen base; and Brandon Boudreau, a single and two stolen bases.

Clem Fougere took his second win on the season on the mound.

Pitching for Louisdale was Lucien Gerrior. Managing to drive in the Baracos’ one run was Ben Murray, who also had a pair of stolen bases. The Baracos were showing off a fair amount of base-running speed, as Brayden Marchand, Craig Marchand, and James Delaney all had two stolen bases.